Welcome! My name is Jordy, the creator of MindMasters. First things first, what is this place? MindMasters is an online platform for life long learners that what to educate and grow themselves. Here on MindMasters, you can find highly successful people that have the deep aspirations for improving YOUR life. They have gained knowledge and understanding about life through experience, and now actively share their ideas online. 

Why is it so important to listen to these people? Let me explain in 7 steps:

1. Self-Education

The reason I started MindMasters is because I noticed that at University you are not told about one of the most important aspects about life: Self-Education. Yes, formal education is important for job security and a healthy paycheck and creates a valuable network for the rest of your life. Formal education sets you up for a good life – self-education however, sets you up for THE BEST life. Due to the internet, there’s an abundance of information to be sourced outside of University and College. Some of which is essential for living a life at its full potential. If you teach yourself all you can by reading books, listening to mentors and taking online courses, you can become more competent than you ever imagined. Self-Education will let you grow as a person and become the best version of yourself. To follow the self-education path, you need to fully invest in the so-called Growth Mindset, and get rid of the tendencies of a Fixed Mindset.

2. The Fixed Mindset

What is a Fixed Mindset? One of the characteristics of a Fixed Mindset is the believe that intelligence is static. With this Mindset useful negative feedback from other people is ignored, which results in a very deterministic view of the world. In other words, people with a Fixed Mindset refuse to let go of their possibly false believes. Moreover, they lack empathy and respect for the ideas and believes of others. Challenges are rather avoided. They plateau early in life and achieve less than their full potential. 

3. The Growth Mindset

The way to fix a Fixed mindset is through the adoption and implementation of its counterpart; the Growth Mindset. People with a Growth Mindset are willing to listen to the opinions of other people, learn from criticism, and find lessons and inspiration in the succes of others. In other words, they are willing to let go of their believes when a better counter-argument is presented. They have empathy and respect for the believes of others, even if they disagree. Effort is seen as the path to mastery and challenges are embraced. Of course, these mindsets are two extremes on a spectrum. The goal is to move further away from a fixed mindset, towards a Mindset based on Growth. 

4. Neuroplasticity

The idea of the Growth Mindset is not just some pseudo-science concept. Recent scientific research has shown that the characteristics of a Growth Mindset leads to higher level of achievement and a greater sense of free will. Advances in neuroscience have shown us that the brain is far more malleable than we thought. This malleability of the brain is described by scientists as “Neuroplasticity”. This new evidence proves that we can increase our neural growth extensivelly by the actions we take, as using good learning strategies and asking questions about difficult subjects. 

5. You are the average of 5 people

So, a Growth mindset leads to a pattern of behavior that is characterized by empathy, the willingness to learn and leads to personal growth and succes. So, why is it useful for you to join the MindMasters community? It turns out, that the most important tool at our disposal for living a better life, is other people. According to research by social psychologist Dr. Mcclelland of Harvard University, the people you habitually associate with determine as much as 95 percent of your succes or failure in life. This is because the people with whom we spend our time determine what conversations dominate our attention and to which attitudes and opinions we are regularly exposed. As motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

6. Online Environment Design

Therefore it is essential to actively construct your social environment. Consciously plan which opinions, attitudes and life-philosophies you do and do not allow to be in your life. Since we are all spending significantly more time on the internet and social media platforms, we have to be more pro-active in what I like to call ‘Online Environment Design’. It is important to expose ourselves to the people that we admire and who inspire us. This will infect your mind with the behavior and attitudes that helped the achieve their succes, making it more likely that you will realize similar results in your life. Moreover, you in turn, will positively affect the behavior and attitudes of the your closest friends.

7. Maximize your Personal Development

To the best of my ability, I have gathered a group of successful people that have adopted this Growth mindset. These people have been in the trenches running businesses and practicing their creative craft. They are leaders that you can learn from. Model their succes in your own way. You can do this by reading their books, watching their videos and following them on social media. Follow the MindMasters of your interest to increase your knowledge and maximize your personal development. 

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