Brian Johnson

Brain Johnson is a professional optimizer. His aim is to help people find the full potential of their lives. Back in the days, as part of his Master’s project, he distilled 100 of the best books on optimal living into 6-page PDF summaries. He calls these “PhilosophersNotes”. He has taught a class called “Optimal Living 101” as Harvard-Westlake, which is now an integrated part of their curriculum.
Over the years he has created many more of these notes (about 500) and also created over 25 Optimal Living 101 maters classes on everything from optimizing your energy and confidence to your productivity and happiness. All of these notes are available at his website, not for free, but you can follow his YouTube channel on which he teaches many of his findings. Also, Brian has a podcast called “Optimize”. It has been launched as the number 1 podcast on iTunes and has been feature as the number 1 health podcast with over 8 million downloads.  

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