Why you should write every day

You should write every day. Why? Because writing is formalized thinking. Thinking is the battle between different thoughts and opinions that you generate when you gather information about a certain subject. You gather as much knowledge about the topic as possible and let ideas fight it out to see which one is the strongest. This way, you come to the best possible solution from the information available. That’s not easy, that’s hard. Therefore, to make it easier for yourself, write down your thoughts.

First, read and gather knowledge, and then formulate it on paper (or on a computer). Like an SD card in your phone, you have then extended your information storage. You have outsourced some knowledge. Thus, you don’t have to have every important idea ready in your head for the topic that you write about. The information is now simply there, structured in words and sentences.

Here is a quote from Jordan Peterson: “The best thing you can do is read and write every day. Write about things that you find important and see if you can discover what you believe to be true. That will build you a foundation of knowledge and wisdom. If you look at people who are phenomenally successful across life, there are various reasons, but they’re unbelievably good at articulating what they’re are aiming at.”

I can, therefore, recommend writing a journal every day. Just write down what you are thinking in the morning for example. Use a website like Evernote and make it a habit to formulate your thoughts. This will expand your thinking on certain topics and make it easier to recollect interesting ideas. For the first few days, this might seem arbitrary but in the long run, you will definitely experience the positive effects.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the personalities that I feature as MindMasters have written books (and many of them are bestsellers). They are very successful in formulating and sharing their ideas, which makes them extremely sophisticated people. A lot of writing has gone in generating those ideas, and by putting those ideas in practice they have built their own success.

What I really want to share with you guys is the essay writing guide available on the website of Jordan Peterson. This has been very useful to me and has convinced me about the importance of writing every day.

No pressure, but you should really read it through!


Essay Writing Guide

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