Sam Harris

Sam Harris is an American non-fiction writer, philosopher and neuroscientist. His newest book, ‘The Moral Landscape’, explores how science might determine human values. He attended Stanford University as an English Major, but dropped out of school following a life-altering experience with MDMA. During this period he studied Buddhism and meditation. After eleven years, he returned to Stanford and completed a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy. In 2009, he obtained his Ph.D. degree in neuroscience at University of California, Los Angeles, using functional magnetic resonance imaging to conduct research into the neural basis of belief, disbelief, and uncertainty. 

Sam Harris currently hosts ‘The Waking Up’ podcast in which he explores some of the most important questions about the human mind, society and current events. He also launched an app named ‘Waking up’ which guides you through a life changing mindfulness experience and is full of useful life-lessons. 

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