The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburb & Ryan Nicodemus have teamed up to for ‘The Minimalists’. This duo has helped over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and documentary. For The Minimalists, it all started with a lingering discontent. While approaching the age 30, they had achieved everything that was supposed to make them happy: six-figure careers, luxury cars, oversized houses; consumer-driven lives. And yet with all that stuff, they weren’t satisfied. 
 In 2009 they decided to use the principles of minimalism to improve the quality of their lives. In 2011, they walked away from their corporate careers and published their first book, Minimalis: Life a Meaningful Life. In 2015 they published their third book, Essentials: Essays by The Minimalists, Which presents a minimalist’s perspective on twelve different areas of life – from decluttering, gift giving, and finances to passion, health and relationships. In 2016, they launched The Minimalist Podcast, where they discuss living a meaningful life with less and answer questions from their listeners. 

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